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Waterproofing with Metal Saddles

Howdy everyone. In this video we are showing you folks how, and when to use metal saddles to waterproof intricate roof-to-wall areas or other spots like parapit caps on roofs. This is not likely something most homeowners will encounter, and fabrication of these units should absolutely be left to the professionals. Luckily this general contractor … Continue reading Waterproofing with Metal Saddles

Trowels for Stucco & Plastering

In this video, I’m answering a question and showing the different trowels we prefer for stucco and plastering. A basic rule is that the wider trowels are used for plastering your exterior vertical walls and the narrow trowels are used for finishing concrete. I prefer carbon steel trowels at least 5 inches wide with a length of 18 to … Continue reading Trowels for Stucco & Plastering


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