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Being the “local guys” in Alameda, we take a lot of pride in our work and serving our neighbors through the entire East Bay.


Don’t get burned by an unlicensed contractor! Kirk Giordano Plastering, Inc. is fully licensed and insured (CA License #730258). We repair the stucco expertly back to normal with a finish to match your existing walls. Once you have painted our new patch, it will blend into your old stucco, so you and your friends won’t notice the stucco patchwork. 

Please don’t misunderstand me, we have almost a thousand videos that show our detail in matching or blending in finishes – but every plasterer has his own fingerprint. We’re some of the best, but nobody can match every texture on the money. If anyone says “they have never found a texture they can’t match” – RUN! A plasterer’s got to know their limitations. 

Very impressed with the quality of the stucco repair at my house yesterday. Kirk and Jason did a great job of matching the texture of the rest of the house following a patio door replacement. Great service, skills and definitely recommend.

– Mark H. (Berkeley, CA)


We believe in getting the job done properly. We own a custom-built utility truck, which my son Jason used his welding skills to rig for all our stucco needs. It holds scaffold, tools and up to 3 tons of materials needed to complete any job – no running back & forth to the plastering yards.

Professional plastering yards quality is far above any standard hardware store. Why? Good question, glad you asked! Plastering yards such as Westside Building Materials, Calply, or Sacramento Stucco have a wide variety of products for contractors who have a moral obligation to their clients to guarantee the quality of their work.

Kirk and his guys did a great job on my house! After a nightmare with our first general contractor, they didn’t mind correcting others poor workmanship. He showed me where the problem areas were… I highly recommend them for any stucco work.

– Catherine B. (Lafayette, CA)


With over 850 instructional videos on YouTube, we have become a resource for contractors through the entire nation. We enjoy explaining our work ethics and showing the proper techniques that are standard in the lath and plaster industry.

We believe in 100% transparency – we will always quote you a fair price that you can trust (don’t expect us to throw last minute change orders at you), and we’ll never take a job we can’t deliver on.

Giordano Plastering was recommended to me by a friend who knows construction. Kirk suggested I do less than another contractor wanted to do, and seemed to know more than the other two guys I had look at the job. I appreciated that advice because it turned out better than I expected, and I spent a lot less hiring him to do only what I really needed. I would highly recommend their services to anyone needing stucco work!

– Janice C. (Oakland, CA)

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