Greencore USA Stucco

Make rough stucco smooth!!!

In this video I’m helping out on my son Jason’s project for the day. Plastering is a two-man job, and his uncle – my brother Luuuu, wussed out in the face of all the stairs we had to climb – so volunteered my skill.

We are explaining and showing my new favorite cement plaster that you can find in your local Home Depot! The bad part is that means you have to load all your own bags and wheel them out of the store, like Jason did for this project. Hopefully after this video material yards such as Westside, Cal-ply, ABC and Sacramento stucco and others will stock
up on Greencore USA, as it’s the best exterior stucco I have encountered the last 20 years!

This stuff is great for both coats over stucco netting with wood substrates, and all kinds of bricks, or CMU blocks or changing heavy textures into smooth as seen in this video. Scratch coats, Brown coats and Finish coats this stuff can do it all! It mixes easy as well, and since the bags are 80 pounds instead of 94 they are a little easier to move around.

Note, I did go over a heavy skip-towel texture. I have been in this stucco trade for more than 40 years, and this is a cement plaster that kicks ass. It’s even easy for the average homeowner to use. It’s fluffy or sort of like whipping cream, an exceptional cement plaster for all your needs. You just add water. Can it get any easier? I, Kirk Giordano, don’t know how to bullshit or lie. Thus, I can never be a politician but I am an expert at applying stucco!

“Greencore USA Stucco: scratch, brown, & texture all from the same bag”

Video Published: Oct 31, 2020

Good day to all our over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, and the ‘average homeowner, DIYer, or weekend plastering warrior who happens to stumble on this ‘how to plaster video.’ Our channel has more than 40 million views for a good reason. We explain cement plasters clearly so that even my “great-grandpa” can understand.

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