Lathing Do’s & Don’ts

Today we’re sharing some lathing tips! Lath is simply the first step in the stucco process.

In the video below I’m poking fun at my pal for doing his own lath and over-stapling with a few other common mistakes; But hey, at least he tried! We’re shown here providing advice for these too common lathing mistakes.

If you’re going to take on the task of lathing, spend at least a couple of hours researching our videos to make sure you get it right!

In addition to the video below, we recently uploaded another video to show more in depth application. Check that one out as well, to see how even me dear old great grandpa can understand how to lath within ten minutes.

“Lathing do’s and don’ts, tips and tricks”

Video Published: Oct 2, 2020

First, you attached two layers of Grade D paper or two layers of 60-minute paper to protect the plywood substrate from rainwater damage.

In this video we used 60 Minute two-ply jumbo-tex building paper, which is a weather-resistant barrier designed to provide excellent secondary protection behind exterior cladding to prevent moisture penetration and condensation in exterior wall assemblies.

Once the moisture barrier membrane is tacked on, we attach Galvanized steel Stucco Netting in 17 or 18 gauge size in order to apply our stucco to. This wire is much thicker than your average chicken wire and add significant strength reinforcement to the exterior wall system.

You can use furring nails, or more modern equipment like we have been doing for forty years. We staple our wire on using an air-powered staple lath gun, remember, 7/8″ of the leg has got to be embedded into the stud, which means usually with plywood sheathing your best bet is to buy inch and a quarter crown staples with a width or crown of one inch to keep up with current inspections or codes.

Last tip is don’t over staple the lath like this fella! You only want a staple every 6 inches on studs, and sometimes its acceptable to staple a few in the field (the space in between the studs) in order to keep the wire manageable and at the proper depth.

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