Trowels for Stucco & Plastering

In this video, I’m answering a question and showing the different trowels we prefer for stucco and plastering.

A basic rule is that the wider trowels are used for plastering your exterior vertical walls and the narrow trowels are used for finishing concrete.

I prefer carbon steel trowels at least 5 inches wide with a length of 18 to 20 inches. The reason for this is that carbon steel trowels flex more and allow the plasterer to use learned skills with less strength. I also prefer these longer trowels as I can spread a lot more material at once and I can use the trowel as a makeshift rod, or straightedge, to make sure that my walls are coming out true and plumb.

A lot of folks in the industry love to say that I’m not a real plasterer because I use a pool trowel for walls. I wonder how I lasted 40 years in this industry before their advice! Don’t buy their hate: Any tool that you can use and feel comfortable with is the right tool! However, the rectangle trowel I picked up in this video was the Elite Series 5 Star Golden Stainless Steel Plaster Trowel, and this is an excellent trowel for the average plasterer.

The Marshalltown plastering trowel, Curry plastering trowels, or Kraft Trowels are some of the oldest name brand trowels.

FYI, our viewer’s comments have said white vinegar cleans trowels the best. also sells these trowels if you can’t locate them on Amazon.

“Trowel differences for stucco and plastering or cement finish work”

Video Published: Sept 19, 2020

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