Stucco By Any Means Necessary

One of the most common comments we receive is that we’re using the “wrong” trowel for our work. We have our reasons for choosing our main trowel, but in this silly and playful plastering video we explain how to plaster a wall by any means necessary: using your shoe, a frying pan, a tiny plastering margin trowel, even a shovel. You can use whatever you have handy.

You can always finish off with a plastering trowel once the mud’s on the wall. While your choice of tool can help your situation, the main factor is your desire and skill level. We can use any tool, just like it doesn’t matter what shoes Mike Tyson wore in the ring, it mattered the skill he had as a fighter!

“Stucco/plastering walls by any means necessary”

Video Published: Aug 20, 2020

We were having fun when my son Jason told me about videos where folks are applying plaster mud with a variety of tools, even using a shovel!

These methods of getting mud on the walls are “old school” ways in which many people from developing areas are not as fortunate as we are here in the USA. They have the skills and desires, but lack specific tools or implements to make their projects easier on themselves. Thus they use imagination to still complete the projects.

I have much respect for these people who improvise as it takes much more effort, I prefer skill with specific tools and stucco/plastering trowels to burning out my strength and muscles any day.

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