Color Coat Advantages

This YouTube video shows the process of properly applying a color coat finish. This house had many different finishes over the years of patchwork, and we return the house to a beautiful uniform texture:

“Stucco hides or covers all mistakes in textures with heavy plaster sand finish”

Video Published: July 17, 2020

In this video, watch from start to finish as we prepare and apply a brand new cementitious maintenance-free color coat finish over this home. We go into details about surface preparation as well as finish application, including how and why to skim coat patches before your final finish.

This home needed a facelift from its many patches, as well as an extremely noticeable texture mismatch right on the front facade of the home.

We show how we applied a skim coat over this area prior to applying the new finish over the entire wall. Anything less than this approach would have shown through on this area, and then we would have to come back an apply a new finish on this wall corner to corner anyway.

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